The occurrence of bleeding during pregnancy discussed

October 5, 2014

The process of bleeding during pregnancy occurs quite commonly in all people. The occurrence of the bleeding is more common during the period of first trimester. But as the process is quite natural so there is no cause for any kind of alarm or concern if it occurs. But still the occurrence of bleeding is usually associated with something harmful occurring in the body so it is always wise to consult a doctor to know for sure that nothing harmful has occurred inside the body. This ensures that both the baby and the mother are absolutely safe and in the pink of their health.

Bleeding during trimester

Most of the bleeding during pregnancy usually occurs during the first trimester. This period includes the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy. Nearly 20 percent of the women have sufficient amount of bleeding during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. There are different causes for the occurrence of this the most common being the occurrence of bleeding due to the implantation process. The implanting of the egg which has fertilized causes this kind of bleeding. Normal spotting occurs within the first 6 to 12 days after conceiving. The egg is implanted on the lining of the uterus. Many of the pregnant women do not realize the fact for themselves and think that the slight bleeding that occurs is a kind of light period.

The possibility of the occurrence of a miscarriage is very high during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is a very serious issue faced by the pregnant women as bleeding during pregnancy, especially during the first twelve weeks often results in a miscarriage in the end. But one does not need to worry about losing the baby, even if a little bit of bleeding has occurred during the initial course of the pregnancy. If other signs of miscarriage are absent, then one can be quite sure that no miscarriage has occurred. The other signs include occurrence of cramps in the lower part of the body and in the tissues which pass through the vagina.

Ectopic pregnancy

If a pregnancy is termed to be ectopic in nature, then it may be said that the embryo after undergoing fertilization, implants itself outside the lining of the uterus. This usually happens in the fallopian tube. A continuous growth of the embryo inside the tube may even cause the tube to burst open. This can prove to be fatal for the mother; ectopic pregnancy is a really rare occurrence.

Other causes

During the course of the pregnancy, the amount of blood flowing into the cervix is more than the usual volume. Sexual intercourse during this time can cause bleeding although this kind of bleeding is harmless in nature. Also occurrence of any kind of infections in the different parts of the body such as the cervix, vagina can cause the occurrence of the bleeding. Bleeding during pregnancy also occurs in its very late stages. When the placenta covers the opening of the birth canal partially or completely, this kind of bleeding can occur.


When Does Morning Sickness Start : 9 months sacrifice by a mother

January 15, 2014

when does morning sickness start

If you are looking for information regarding on morning sickness, then you have to read this entire article. Some people treat pregnant women as a normal person only, well in fact; people never knew the hardships and sacrifice of a pregnant woman bearing the child good for nine months. From that period of time, you never knew how she managed to live every day, because the hardships and sacrifices of bearing a child is like being hit with a bullet directly to the brain.  It is painful and most of all hard.

Bearing a child is never been an easy task, for nine months, there are some unusual problems and complications you may experienced. Especially on the first six weeks during your pregnancy, so because of that, what is really a morning sickness? And when does morning sickness start? From the world itself, morning sickness usually take occur during morning when a women is in the state of pregnancy. And usually encountered by women who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time, symptoms like vomiting and dizziness are one of the major factors in accessing of morning sickness.

When does morning sickness start? Usually, a morning sickness starts during the fourth week of pregnancy, when a woman is starting to feel something in her stomach during mornings. Vomiting does not start immediately, however, as weeks goes by, the dizziness felt by woman during mornings usually turns into vomiting due to some weird nausea feelings in the morning. And approximately, vomiting only stops during the sixteen week of the pregnancy, these are one of the major symptoms knowing when does morning sickness start, and when the time you are already experiencing these kinds of symptoms, you may already aware that you are in the state of morning sickness.

However, morning sickness does not really apply to all pregnant woman out there, since the morning sickness is just an illusion towards to an individual perception, it mainly affects a human’s psychology aspects which is the result on why women usually encounters morning sickness. In that case, never forget the symptom in knowing when does morning sickness start in every woman’s life. Once, it already take occur during mornings, it usually advice to go to your trusted physician on order to evaluate and diagnose your problem.

Bearing a baby in a woman’s womb is never been an easy task. You will never know how much is the sacrifice endured by a woman just to bear a child in nine months. And aside from the nine months pregnancy, there are also other factors like morning sickness that usually take occur in the fourth week of pregnancy. These problems are not easy for a woman to handle, so in that sense, woman should be treated right and should get the highest respect of all. Because without them then probably there is no life in this world, also, for those pregnant women who is concern with when does morning sickness start then you probably do need to worry since it is a normal situation for all women who are experiencing pregnancy.

when does morning sickness start

Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world, but sometimes you just have to make sure that you are in the right place and in the right time. Because, pregnancy is not a joke, it is considered as a gift for a lifetime. That is why; you have to value it more than anything else. And if your wife is asking this question, could I be pregnant? Then, try to present this article for her. It may be simple but there is also some learning involve in this article.

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